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Hours and Rules

  • The park is open daily from sunrise to sunset (times are posted on bulletin boards)
  • Parking and bicycle use in designated areas only
  • Stay on gravel trails at all times
  • Do not litter, and please pick up found litter
  • Keep pets on leash at all times
  • Do not disturb plants, fungi, animals, or rocks
  • Do not introduce fish, plants, or animals
  • Stay behind fencing at overlooks
  • No bicycles allowed on Rim Trail or Woodland Trail
  • Children younger than 13 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Camping on Friday and Saturday nights with authorization and in designated areas only
  • Visitors are encouraged to carry cell phones
  • ALERT: On occasion the Nature Park will close early and shut down all activities if inclement weather such as high winds, lightning, flooding, icing or other weather related issues might make recreational use of Park unsafe. Please contact the DePauw Public Safety Office (765) 658-5555 for status of the Park if in question.

Prohibited Activities:

  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No fishing in the quarry pond
  • No hunting, firearms or weapons
  • No ATVs, motorcycles or mopeds
  • No rock climbing
  • No fires
  • No swimming or boating in the quarry pond
  • No horseback riding

Emergency Contact: call DePauw Public Safety 765-658-5555 or 911