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Charadrius vociferous
Plover family (Charadriidae)

A medium-sized shorebird. Long pointed wings, dark brown back, white breast and belly, two dark neck rings. Light reddish-brown rump is easily seen when bird flies or displays.

Open areas with gravel.

Nests in a scrape on gravelly or bare ground. Eggs are pale brown with darker marks. Clutch size – 4 eggs. Chicks are precocial – they can run from the nest almost immediately after hatching. The chicks look like the adults but in miniature form with tiny bodies and long toothpick-like legs. Chicks begin flying 20 to 30 days after hatching. Adults engage in a predator-distracting “broken-wing display” where they appear to be injured and run along the ground dragging their wing, leading a potential predator away from their nest or chicks.


Call is two syllable “kill-deah” or one syllable “deah deah deah.

Name Origin:

The genus name Charadrius is from the Greek for “plover.”  The species name vociferous is from the Latin for “loudly calling."

In the Nature Park:
Year-round resident. Nests in the Quarry Bottom.