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Mourning Dove

Zenaida macroura 
Dove family (Columbidae)

Long slender body, small head, grayish brown back, buffy below, long pointed tail.

Nest is a shallow loosely constructed cup on a horizontal branch in a shrub or tree, 10 to 25 feet above the ground. Eggs are white. Clutch size – 2 eggs.


Call is a mournful, “oo-a-hoo oo oo oo.”  Wings produce a fluttering whistle when the bird takes flight.

Name Origin:

The genus Zenaida was named by Bonaparte (naturalist, 1803-1857) for his wife, Zenaide, referring to the close association of mated pairs.  The species name macroura is from the Greek for "long tail."

In the Nature Park:
Year-round resident. Nests in shrubs or trees near the buildings.