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Northern Parula

Setophaga americana 
Warbler family (Parulidae)

A small warbler. Blue-gray back, greenish-yellow patch on back, yellow throat and breast, two conspicuous white wing bars. Male has black and rufous bands across breast.

Riparian forest.

Nests near tip of tree limb, sometimes in a branch overhanging a river. Eggs are white with brown spots. Clutch size – 3 to 5 eggs.


Song is a rapid buzzy trill that rises in pitch then drops suddenly with an explosive ending note, “zeeeeeeeeeee-yup.

Name Origin:

The genus name Setophaga is from the Greek for "moth eater."  The common name Parula is from the Latin for “little titmouse.”

In the Nature Park:
Neotropical migrant, arrives in late April or early May. Common in riparian forests along the Creekside Trail.