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Yellow-throated Vireo

Vireo flavifrons
Vireo family (Vireonidae)

Bright yellow throat and breast, olive-green back, yellow eye-ring, two white wing bars.

Mature deciduous forest.

Nest cup suspended in fork of tree branch. Eggs are white or pink-white with brown spots. Clutch size – usually 4 eggs.


Song is a series of distinct notes with a deliberate pause between each note.  Pacing of notes is similar to the Red-eyed Vireo but notes are quite different.  Yellow-throated Vireo notes are more burry or hoarse and sound like “ee-yay (pause) ee-year (pause)”, etc. etc.  Red-eyed Vireo’s notes are more musical and less hoarse.

Name Origin:

The genus name Vireo is from the Latin for "green."  The species name flavifrons is from the Latin for "yellow throat."

In the Nature Park:
Neotropical migrant. Common in the upland woods along Rail Trail and Creekside Trail, but easier to hear than see.