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Yellow-throated Warbler

Setophaga dominica
Warbler family (Parulidae)

Bright yellow throat and breast, black face bordered by white eyebrow, gray back, white belly with black streaking on sides, large white patch on side of head, two white wing bars.

Riparian forest, areas with sycamore trees.

Cup-like nest is often placed on a horizontal limb usually in a sycamore tree. Eggs are greenish gray. Clutch size – 4 eggs.


Song is a descending series of whistled notes that ends with a higher note, like “piu piu piu piu piu piu wheet.

Name Origin:

The genus name Setophaga is from the Greek for "moth eater."  The species name dominica is from the Latin for the island St. Domingo, now named Hispaniola, where the Yellow-throated Warbler was first collected.

In the Nature Park:
Neotropical migrant, arrives in late April or early May. Common in riparian forests along the Creekside Trail.