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Indian grass


Family Poaceae, grass family
Genus, species - Sorghastrum nutans

Leaves are flat, long, pointed, very rough texture. Base of leaf has a prominent midrib. Prominent claw-like lobes or "rabbit-ears" are located where leaf is attached to stem.

Flowers are in large and loose branching clusters, golden-yellow or reddish-brown.

Seed heads are large, plume-like, chestnut-brown.

More Information:

Indian grass is very nutritious and is readily consumed by livestock.  

Sorghastrum is from the Greek for "a poor imitation of sorghum" because of its resemblance to sorghum.  Species name nutans means "nodding" or "drooping," referring to flowers.  The family name, Poaceae, is from the Greek for "fodder grass" or "pasturage."