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Family:  Araceae, arum family
Genus, species:  Arisaema triphyllum

Each leaf has three leaflets. Plant is sometimes confused with poison ivy.

Flower consists of a spathe and spadix. The spathe is the "pulpit," which wraps around and covers the spadix ("jack"). Spathe is greenish-yellow with purple or brownish stripes. The spadix is covered with tiny male and female flowers. Flowers are pollinated by flies. Flowers produce heat and odor to attract flies. Flowers are protandrous, initially produce male flowers, then later produce male flowers. Flowers must be cross-pollinated because male flowers within one flower die before female flowers mature.

Fruit is a cluster of berries on the thick spadix. Fruit is initially green, then turns bright red.

More Information:

Arisaema is from the Latin for "blood," referring to blood-red color of spathe.  The species name triphyllum is from the Latin for "three-leaved."