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Trail Lengths

Connector Trails

These start at the athletic fields on the west side of DePauw’s campus and go to the entrance of the Nature Park.
C1: 0.5 mile
C2: 0.4 mile
C3: 0.7 mile
C4: 0.5 mile

Creekside Trails

These run along Big Walnut Creek.  There are lots of spring wildflowers in bloom here during mid-April.
K1: 0.6 mile
K2: 0.8 mile

Multiuse Trails

M1: 0.3 mile
M2: 0.2 mile
M3: 0.5 mile

Quarry Trails

These go along the south side of the quarry pond and through the excavated quarry bottom.
Q1: 0.5 mile
Q2: 0.7 mile

Rail Trail

This trail follows the old railroad line used to transport aggregate from the quarry. 
L1: 0.7 mile

Rim Trail

These go along the entire rim of the quarry, offering spectacular views of the quarry.  Stay clear of the rim’s edge because the rocks near the edge are unstable.
R1: 0.1 mile
R2: 0.4 mile
R3: 0.1 mile
R4: 0.4 mile
R5: 0.5 mile
R6: 0.2 mile

Woodland Trail

These are steep and rugged.  Most of the forest in these areas is growing on deposits left over from the quarry operation. Bicycles are not permitted on these trails.
W1: 0.4 mile
W2: 0.3 mile
W3: 0.2 mile
W4: 0.2 mile
W5: 0.2 mile
W6: 0.2 mile

Total: 10.1 miles