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Co-Curricular Inventory

The Co-Curricular Inventory appears on the advising transcript to help students and their advisors think about skills and interests they may be developing in their out-of-class activities and how these relate to their academic and career plans.

Currently, the Co-Curricular Inventory is in development. One of the big tasks that remains before us is to articulate the criteria for inclusion of an activity in the inventory. Provisionally, we've used the following guidelines:

  • The activity has a DePauw faculty or staff sponsor who monitors participation in the activity.
  • The activity has clearly stated learning outcomes that complement the academic mission of DePauw. We are also planning on associating co-curricular activities with outcomes stated in the Degree Qualifications Profile.
  • The activity is extended, usually over the course of a semester or summer.

As of Spring 2013, the catalog of co-curricular activities includes approximately eighty activities grouped into the following categories: academic, artistic/performance, athletic, career, media, research, service, technical and university service.

See Advising with the Co-Curricular Inventory for examples of how it works. For additional information on the Co-Curricular Inventory contact Ken Kirkpatrick (, Registrar.