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ARTS 298

Intermediate Studio Art Topics

Intermediate level studio courses in specific media. Areas of study may include: A. Drawing, B. Painting, C. Ceramics, D. Sculpture, E. Photography, F. Video, G. Digital, H. Interdisciplinary Study. Prerequisite will vary. Not offered Pass/Fail

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities Varies according to the topic offered. 1/2-1 course

Spring Semester information

Gregory Watson

298BA: IntermedStudio:Painting

Lori Miles

298CA: IntermedStudio:Ceramics

Brian Priest

298DA: IntermedStudio:Sculpture

Dan Solberg

298GA: IntermedTps:Digital Art

Sometimes what is heard goes unseen and what is seen goes unheard. Our minds fill in those gaps with information gathered from years of everyday encounters, dubbing and visualizing people, voices, objects, and noises. Most artists work in the visual realm, but many also incorporate elements of sound and find unique ways of mixing this sensory data. In this course, students will produce artworks that traverse the spectrum from audio to visual, and most interestingly, where the two meet in the middle. Projects will delve into the fields of sound art, video art, installation art, interactive art, and performance art. Materially, this course has a foundation in digital art, but there will be many opportunities for interdisciplinary practice and students will be encouraged to experiment with unfamiliar materials. Students will be tasked with creating several works of art, each of which will be assessed on audiovisual engagement, artistic merit and craftsmanship. This assessment will take the form of in-class group critiques in tandem with individual per-project evaluation by the professor. Prereq: Any introductory studio art course (equivalent introductory media courses in other disciplines such as music and film studies may be substituted as an alternate prerequisite, pending professor's approval).

Fall Semester information

John Berry

298BA: Tps:Painting II

Lori Miles

298DA: Tps:Sculpture II

Cynthia O'Dell

298EA: Tps:Digital Photo II