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FREN 316

French Civilization

Culture and institutions before the Fifth Republic. A study of artistic movements, intellectual currents, and social development in France to 1958. Prerequisite: FREN 305. May count towards European Studies minor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities FREN 305 1 course

Fall Semester information

CJ Gomolka

316A: French Civilization

This course will be redesigned for the fall semester and retitled Power, Privilege, and Diversity in France from the Renaissance to the Liberation of Algeria. The course will be taught chronologically with each century-unit focusing on 2 or 3 major intersections of power, privilege and/or diversity. The course will be oriented specifically towards topics such as colonization, prostitution, religion, race, gender and economics. The course has also been redesigned to allow for a more conversational approach to understanding power dynamics and resistance throughout French and Francophone history.