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M L 395

Advanced Topics in Modern Languages

Courses on specific topics, such as culture, literary movements or genres, linguistics or film. May address multiple areas, such as a course on European literature or culture. Taught in English. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

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1 course

Fall Semester information

Keith Nightenhelser

395A: Tps:KlugeVonTrottaFassbinderHergogETC: The New German Cinema and other New Waves in Film History

KlugeVonTrottaFassbinderHergogETC is course in film history and historiography for students who already have some experience in Film Studies. Roughly two-thirds of the course focuses on the New German Cinema of the 1970's and 1980's, and the remainder explores some of the other "new waves" in national cinemas, such as the Czech, Japanese New Wave and First Iranian New Wave of the 1960's, the Australian and Hong Kong New Waves (more or less simultaneous with the New German Cinema), and the later Romanian, Second Iranian, Korean, and Taiwanese "new waves." We will not address the French New Wave or the New American Cinema of the 1960's except as reference points for thinking about what "new wave" means in film historiography. The key directors we will study are Alexander Kluge, Werner Herzog, Volker Schlondorff, Margerethe von Trotta, Wim Wenders, Straub/Huillet, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. A number of our key films will be adapted from novels, stories, or plays, so we will read some of these source materials and consider issues of adaptation as part of our study of these films. Students may develop their individual interests in the other new wave cinemas, or in German film after the New Wave, for final projects.

Prerequisites: at least two Film Studies courses, one drawn from Introduction to Film and Film and Culture, plus one more Film Studies course, or permission of the instructor.

Lab meeting: this course has a weekly 3-hour lab period for film viewing, but students with schedule conflicts with the lab time can still enroll by special arrangement.