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SPAN 456

Hispanic Seminar

A detailed study of an author, genre, theme, or principal movement of Hispanic literature or civilization. Open only to senior Spanish majors.

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1 course

Spring Semester information

Alejandro Puga

456A: Seminar:Familia ciudad y nacion

Familia ciudad y nacion

Este curso examininara diversos ejemplos de narrativa y cine contemporaneos de Mexico , con el fin de indagar sobre como estructuras patrimoniales de la nacion son construidias en nucleos familiares, locales, y citadinos, y como son contestados por voces marginalizadas, en niveles formales tanto como tematicos. Entre nuestras discusiones fijaran los campos de urbanismo, retorica social, y estudios de genero.

Paul Johnson

456B: Seminar:Affective Cultures of Early Modern Spain

Hispanic Seminar: Affective Cultures of Early Modern Spain

Affective Cultures of Early Modern Spain privileges emotion(s) both as a means of understanding the major literary texts of the so-called Spanish 'Golden Age' as well as a marker of the period's social, historical, and cultural context. The course will offer a survey of several representative writers and genres of early modern Spain, complemented by readings of theory and criticism. In addition to conventional literary works, we will examine a number of different cultural texts, including images, engravings, behavior manuals, medical and psychological treatises, Inquisitional proceedings, historical manuscripts, and other "paraliterary" documents. In each case, we will be interested in exploring the role of various emotions in the literary, dramatic, artistic, historical, and political projects of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Iberia, especially insofar as they reveal insights into the religious and racialized structures of power in this period.

Alejandro Puga

456C: Seminar