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All Events - 2013-2014

September 4 Teaching Roundtable Classroom Management  UB 231/232
September 10 Faculty Forum Jeff Kenney  UB 231/232
September 11 Sabbatical/Pre-Tenure Leave Luncheon Information Meeting for leaves in 2014-15 and 2015-16 UB 231/232
September 13 Topics in Higher Education Academic Freedom (in response to Mitch Daniels and Howard Zinn Julian 135
September 16 Chair Workshop Working effectively with staff and student workers UB 231/232
September 18 Technology & Academe Developing Digital Storytelling & Multiple Literacies Julian 135
September 24 Writing Speaker Richard Miller  UB 231/232
September 25 Teaching Roundtable Assessment  UB 231/232
October 2 Teaching Roundtable Student Views on Technology in the Classroom (ECAR) UB 231/232
October 4 Professional Development Roundtable Writing Effective Book Proposals Julian 135
October 8 Faculty Forum Jen Adams  UB 231/232
October 15 Technology & Academe Scholarship on the Go-iPad and Nexus Julian 135
October 28 Chair Workshop Understanding the University finance system and alumni relations/development efforts UB 231/232
November 1 Topics in Higher Education TBD Julian 135
November 6 Teaching Roundtable Grading and Feedback UB 231/232
November 8 Technology & Academe Experiencing eReaders-Kindle Fire and Nook Julian 135
November 11 Chair Workshop Dealing with difficult situations Julian 135
November 12 Faculty Forum Dan Gurnon  UB 231/232
November 13 Teaching Roundtable Academic Integrity  UB 231/232
November 22 Professional Development Roundtable  Publishing With Students  Julian 135
December 3 Faculty Forum Mandy Henk UB 231/232
 December 4  Grants Workshop  Grants information  UB 231/232
February 7 Professional Development Feel Like You Can't Do It All? Try Crowdsourcing for Research Julian 135
February 10 Chair Workshop Mentoring department colleagues UB 231/232
February 11 Faculty Forum Jacob Hardesty UB 231/232
February 19 Professional Development Grant Writing Julian 135
February 19 Teaching Roundtable First Year Seminars TBD
February 28 Topics in Higher Education Flipping the Classroom and Maximizing Class Time Julian 135
March 5 Professional Development Roundtable GLCA Luncheon Inn at DePauw Social Center
March 11 Faculty Forum Jeffrey Smith UB 231/232
March 14 Teaching Roundtable Collaborative Information/Data Collection During Class Julian 135
March 17 Chair Workshop Program assessment and long-term planning UB 231/232
March 19 Professional Development Roundtable Blogs and Publishing Julian 135
April 4 Topics in Higher Education Classroom Climate Issues UB 231/232
April 7 Extended Studies Building a Traveling Academic Community Julian 147
April 8 Faculty Forum Dan Gurnon UB 231/232
April 9 Teaching Roundtable Teaching the Argument UB 231/232
April 16 Teaching Roundtable S-Related or WT UB 231/232
April 21 Chair Workshop Approaches to legal issues Julian 135
April 24 Extended Studies Building a Syllabus and Co-ordinating With Other Courses UB 232/232
April 29 Faculty Forum Francesca Seaman UB 231/232
May 8 Faculty Achievement Program Celebrating faculty achievements Inn at DePauw