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Online Application Successful Credit Cost & Scholarships


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Online Application

Students apply online through e-services.  Application Deadline is September 6, 2013.

To access the online application, log in to e-services and click on "Online Applications."  Click "Add An Application."  Select Winter Term Faculty-Led Off-Campus Study/Service Application.  Before submitting your application, we strongly recommend you draft your responses to the narrative section and share that with your faculty adviser for feedback. Students can apply up to 3 courses in order of preference.  Students with financial holds will not be permitted to complete an application.

Required Forms

All students approved to participate in off campus Winter Term courses must submit the following forms to secure their enrollment in the course:

Applications are accepted during Spring and Fall application periods. 

Successful Credit

Participation in a Faculty Led Off-Campus Winter Term satisfies one Winter Term credit. Students must complete three Winter Term credits prior to graduation. In order to participate in faculty led off campus programs, students must satisfactorily complete the program requirements listed below in addition to requirements set forth by faculty leaders. These activities focus on group dynamics, culture, and personal development. The requirements are:

  • To participate in ALL of the fall components of the program which may include: group meetings, seminars, retreats, and program-specific events.

  • All students must travel with the group upon departure from campus and for arrival to campus at the end of each course unless approved prior to departure by the faculty leader.

  • Complete and obtain all required forms and necessary travel documents, including passports, visas, and required travel vaccinations (if needed). 

  • To assist student leaders in preparing and packing all needed group supplies.

In order to receive Winter Term credit for the program, students may also be required to complete the following (requirements vary by type of Winter Term course):

  • Keep a journal to be reviewed by the faculty/staff leader at the conclusion of the Winter Term.

  • Write a brief academic paper upon return (at the faculty/staff leader’s discretion).

  • Participate in any re-entry event and other requirements during spring semester.

  • Complete all requirements as stated in a Learning Agreement.

Students who do not complete all requirements to the satisfaction of the faculty/staff leaders may not receive WT credit.

Cost & Scholarships

Payment Schedule for Faculty Led Off-Campus Programs

January Winter TermMay Term
July 1:  Full project cost charged to student accounts and need based scholarship awards credited January 1:  Full project cost charged to student accounts and need based scholarship awards credited
July 31:  Students who withdraw in writing by July 31 will be withdrawn without financial penalty January 31:  Students who withdraw in writing by January 31 will be withdrawn without financial penalty
August 1:  Students will be assessed a non-refundable, non-transferable $300 cancellation fee if they withdraw on or after August 1

*Note: Students not participating in the CashNet payment plan must pay Winter Term fees in full by this date.
February 1:  Students will be assessed a non-refundable, non-transferable $300 cancellation fee if they withdraw on or after February 1

*Note: Students not participating in the CashNet payment plan must pay Winter Term fees in full by this date.

Withdrawal Policy

Students have until July 31 (May programs January 31) to withdraw in writing without financial penalty.

Students who withdraw in writing on or after August 1 (May programs on or after February 1) will be assessed a non-refundable, non-transferable $300 cancellation fee.

All participating students must complete electronic signatures, agreeing to payment and participation for their chosen Winter Term faculty led program by June 30.  Students who do not submit their required forms for participation will automatically be withdrawn from the program, forfeit any need-based scholarship funds and assessed the $300 cancellation fee, if applicable.  

Students who withdraw within 90 days prior to start of the designated Winter Term, will be responsible for the greater of the $300 cancellation fee or all non-recoverable costs paid on their behalf.

Students who withdraw within 30 days prior to the start of the designated Winter Term will receive no refunds.  Many travel agents and travel companies offer travel cancellation insurance services for purchase.  While DePauw does not recommend a specific agency, it is strongly encouraged that participants purchase travel cancellation insurance as soon as possible.

Dates for Winter Term 2014:

Program DatesCharge DateWithdrawal date without penalty
January WT - January 2 - 24, 2014 July 1 July 31
May WT - May 19 - June 8, 2014 January 1 January 31

DePauw University offers payment plans through CASHNet.  Contact the Cash Receipts Office for more information:  765-658-4015 or

General Winter Term questions can be directed to the Kathryn F. Hubbard Center for Student Engagement by phone:  765-658-4622 or email:

Course itineraries are subject to change up to and during the course itself.  Students who withdraw are still financially obligated for non-recoverable funds spent on their behalf.

Students who need to withdraw for illness before the start of Winter Term or during the program due to a diagnosis of an illness that occurred after being admitted to the off-campus program will need to provide written documentation to the Winter Term Program from medical personnel in order to receive any refund.

Course Fees

Off-Campus Faculty-Led courses have fixed costs associated with travel (international and domestic), housing, meals, and entrance and activities fees.  Unfixed costs refer to the costs not built into the course fee, but are estimated as additional expenses associated with that particular course (i.e., passport applications, immunizations, additional meals, and personal spending). We do our best to keep project costs affordable in order to give all students access to the variety of opportunities presented each year. Please see the payment schedule below for more detailed information. Due to recent increases in energy costs and currency fluctuations, final project costs are subject to change at any time. 

International Insurance Premium

Students traveling to international destinations will be enrolled in a Travel, Accident and Medical Insurance Policy through HTH Worldwide. The premium of $42.92 will be charged directly to student accounts, separate from course fees.

Taxable Need-Based Winter Term Scholarships

The Winter Term Scholarship program is designed to help DePauw students with demonstrable financial need participate in Off-Campus Faculty-Led Winter Term courses.

Awards from the scholarship program are based primarily on the financial need of the applicant, as determined by a submitted FAFSA, or equivalent, on file with the Financial Aid Office. Scholarships are generated according to financial need codes, which are derived from FAFSA reports (or other equivalent data). Need codes range from 1 (least amount of demonstrated need) to 6 (very high need). A Need Code of 0 means students have not provided financial information to the Financial Aid Office.  Students may view their need code via e-services.

All students approved to participate on Faculty-led Off-Campus Courses will be considered for scholarships. Students with demonstrated need can expect a percentage of their course fee to be credited to their account in the form of a taxable scholarship. Percentages are calculated based on the Financial Aid Need Code, and the amount of overall need demonstrated in Winter Term participants. All awards are considered taxable income.

Students still needing any of the 3 required Winter Terms will be given preferences for need-based Winter Term Scholarships.  Those completing a 4th Winter Term will be considered as funds allow.

Students are encouraged to create a budget to determine which Winter Term option not only meets their academic goals, but also takes into account their own financial situation.

Need code changes may result in adjustment of Need-Based Winter Term Scholarship amounts. 

Additional Scholarships for Winter Term in Service Participants

  • Bonnie Hansen Bromund Scholarship Application for students on Winter Term in Service programming due September 6, 2013. *

  • Students must meet criteria set by each named scholarship.

  • Students will be expected to write a letter of thanks to scholarship donors upon return.

  • Applications due early September.

* Awardee must be a female relative of a clergy member. Students can only receive this award once

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