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Alumni Spotlight

Past Prindle Interns talk about how ethics influence their every day lives.

Check out some of the amazing people that were once Prindle Interns! They are living examples of just how important ethical considerations are in everyday lives.

Understanding ethics and their impact on society is a key component to success in a globalized world. These alumni are here to show you why!

Click on a name below to hear what they have been up to.



Field of Work

Rebecca Hruska '10:

From Farms to Dove--Chocolate and Ethics

Paige Penrod '10

At the Intersection of Ethics and Medicine

Rahul Abhyankar '11

Why Ethics is More Than Just "Law"

Jessica Au '11

Altruism, Autonomy, and Integrity in Nursing

Jennifer Behrens '11

Moving Towards Society's Potential

Elias Oziolor '12

Ethics of Pollution and Genomes

Marisa Rouse '12

Importance of Equality in Education

Molly Sender '12

Necessity of Acceptance in the Workplace

Mohammad Usman '12

Research on Biomedical Ethics