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Chris White

Associate Professor of English

My previous experience at the Prindle Institute and on the Ethics Advisory Committee includes two years as a regular committee member as well as a semester serving as the Faculty Coordinator for the Institute/chair of the committee. My service to the Institute has been some of the most satisfying work I've done here at DePauw. In addition to offering the committee a significant amount of experience and familiarity with the workings of the Institute and its programs, I offer an artist's perspective, since I'm both a playwright and screenwriter. The idea that the arts are an important forum for the examination and expression of ethically important issues is one that I feel the Institute must enthusiastically maintain. This sets the Prindle Institute apart from most others that tend to limit the work of their programs to academic exploration and it acknowledges the arts as an important medium for creating awareness and even change. Finally, as a practicing Buddhist, I have a keen interest in contributing input that encourages a wide view of what 'ethics' may be and serving as a reminder that not all ethical systems have a foundation in Judeo-Christian philosophies or countries. This inclusive view is especially important as DePauw continues to open its doors to students from all parts of the globe, as we try to find common ground with others to relieve some of the suffering of our world and work toward peace, personal and community responsibility, and wisdom.

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