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Pauline Ota

Assistant Professor of Art

I am interested in the work of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics because of its broad approach to the concern of "ethics." In other words, I see the work of the Prindle Institute as encompassing not only academic and theoretical discussions, but also engaging with the DePauw and larger Greencastle communities in a tangible, thought-provoking fashion. The events that I have attended at the Prindle Institute have convinced me of the sincerity of its mission and the positive impact of its efforts. I would like to contribute in some way to this important work. I especially am concerned with questions of fairness in the approach to and execution of the university's mandate to create a more multicultural campus. As a Japanese-American Angelina (person born and raised in Los Angeles, CA) who only just moved to Greencastle, I feel that I have a different perspective to offer in regards to this. Moreover, in my two years at DePauw, I have already heard concerns and doubts about the university's ability to deliver on its promise of building a more multicultural campus--in terms of atmosphere, attitudes, and courses offered--from a number of students. I believe that the Prindle Institute however has made and will continue to make meaningful contributions towards a well thought out and fair approach to this mandate for multiculturalism.