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October 2013

Dear Colleagues: 

Do you have a great idea for an Ethics program you would like to develop and present at DePauw in the spring semester 2014? 

The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics offers $5,000 in funding for such a program and invites DePauw faculty and staff to apply. This award is designed to contribute to the intellectual life of our DePauw students and community with funding support from the Douglas I. and Ann U. Smith Endowed Fund for Ethics

This funding is separate from the financial support that The Prindle Institute regularly provides faculty and staff to bring speakers to campus on ethics-related issues. This $5,000 grant is designed to generate interest in a larger-scale program that goes beyond a single speaker, panel discussion or short workshop. 

The program can be in any discipline. Your proposal should be compelling in its content and engaging in its method. Your program might entail a mini-symposium (over multiple weekdays or on a weekend) that intensely explores a provocative ethics issue. Or, you could propose a series of public conversations with notable DePauw alumni you invite to campus at different times in the spring semester to focus on the same significant ethics-related theme. Or you may propose a multiple-day, hands-on workshop that addresses a compelling ethics issue of importance to our DePauw community and brings together students, faculty and staff. Or perhaps you have another creative, substantive proposal in mind.    

The key is that your proposed program must have an integral relation to ethics. (See further explanation on our Prindle website at: 

And, your program must be conducted and completed in the Spring 2014 semester. 

Importantly, you must be prepared to develop, plan and execute this program yourself (or with co-leaders). The Prindle Institute provides the funding and a wonderful venue to conduct your program. We also can help you think through the structure of your program and provide some basic administrative support. You will need to do the planning and coordinating of all events and lead the program. 

The deadline to submit your proposal is October 17th. You must submit your proposal and application for funding using this form on the Prindle website:

Please be as specific as possible in the content of your proposal. 

The Prindle Advisory Committee will review proposals beginning October 28th and make a decision no later than November 6th



Robert M. Steele, Ph.D.
Phyllis W. Nicholas Director of The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics
Distinguished Professor of Journalism Ethics