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Doug Harms

Professor of Computer Science

Ethical issues, particularly those related to technology, interest me and I have tried to become familiar with this field. For example, I participated in the ethics workshop held at Prindle in summer 2010, I attended an ethics workshop held at the SIGCSE conference this year (SIGCSE is the primary conference of computer science educators), and I organized an ethics exercise for science summer research students in 2009. I would like to organize an “Ethics of Technology” symposium next year at Prindle and have been in contact with Keith Miller (who is a very prominent researcher, author, and speaker in this area) about working with me to organize this. One of my sabbatical projects this year has been to develop a new computer science course that incorporates ethics and service learning, and this course will be offered in spring 2012. I fully believe that the study of ethics is an essential component of a liberal education, and I welcome the opportunity to work with the Prindle Institute to promote discussion and dialog of ethical issues, both at DePauw as well as the larger regional and national community.