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Kevin Moore

Professor of Psychology and Director of the Honor Scholar Program

I earned my Ph.D. in Psychology in Animal Behavior and Learning, with graduate minors in Physiological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Statistics.  My background in Animal Behavior, Biological Psychology, and Cognition led me to pursue research in Evolutionary Psychology and Human Ethology.  I teach Introductory Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Learning and Comparative Cognition, History of Psychology, and other courses. I also teach a course on Evolution and Human Nature in the DePauw Honor Scholar program, and I have worked in the Science Research Fellows program.  I am the current director of the DePauw Honor Scholar program.

I was a founding member of the DePauw Institutional Review Board (IRB), and helped generate our policy and procedures.  I was IRB chair and Human Protections Administrator for many years, and continue to serve on the board.  Having a background in both human and non-human animal research, I am also a member of the Institutional Care and Use Committee (IUCAC).  I helped the Prindle Institute organize a symposium on Evolution and Ethics in 2011/2012, and I also organized a student reading group at Prindle on Evolution and Ethics, and a faculty reading group on the same topic.  I also helped facilitate a reading group for visiting alumni at Prindle on Rebecca Skloot’s book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  All of my teaching involves ethics as an integrated component—the ethics of animal use in my comparative cognition course, the ethics involved in human research in all of my classes, the ethical implications of research in evolutionary psychology, and the possible biological underpinnings of ethics and morality in my evolution and human nature course.