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Grants & Awards

The generous gifts of DePauw alumni and friends to The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics have turned potential into reality in a series of ways. The Prindle Institute's grants and awards enable individuals, both students and faculty members, to work independently or in small groups on self-initiated projects in ethics-related areas, spanning all the disciplines and programs at DePauw from chemistry to film, from political science to music, from philosophy to conflict studies.


Student awards include support in five different areas: (1) Hillman Student Interns, (2) Ethics Bowl Team, (3) Student/Faculty Summer Research Grants, (4) the Sieg-Dunlap Student Research Assistant, and (5) the Prindle Prize Program.


Faculty Development at DePauw University is a systematic, comprehensive, well-resourced effort to help all faculty members do their best work, to learn and grow as individuals and as an intellectual and teaching community.

A wide variety of projects are supported every year. The Faculty Development program especially emphasizes collaborative and/or interdisciplinary projects, faculty research that involves students, creative work as well as more traditional scholarship, and, along with work that investigates the area of Ethics. All categories of Faculty Development grants might include ethics-related projects. In the last two years, ethics-related awards have been granted in five categories: Faculty Fellowships, Summer Stipends, Student/Faculty Summer Research Grants, and Faculty Sabbaticals.