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Does every American have a right to healthcare?

April 24, 2012 at 7pm
Prindle Great Room

The event, Does every American have a right to healthcare?, will explore ethical implications of whether healthcare is a right for every citizen in the United States. The event will be structured as a discussion or debate between DePauw’s Professor Kerry Pannell, representing the side of privatized healthcare, and IU’s Dr. Robert Stone, representing the single-payer government-run national healthcare system. A moderator will facilitate the discussion with questions probing the ethical implications of both sides. The panel is not intended to simply discuss the political debate over the 2009 Affordable Healthcare and Accountability Act, but to explore the ethical implications of our political decisions regarding healthcare. Among the various ethical issues that will be explored, the responsibility of providing healthcare coverage to all Americans, particularly the poor will figure prominently. We will cover notions such as: do we have a responsibility, as a nation, to ensure that every American has access to healthcare? Is healthcare a fundamental right? If so, what is the most economically, politically, and socially responsible way to ensure access to healthcare? Specific issues, such as the exclusion of immigrants from purchasing from the to-be-created insurance-exchange markets and the government mandate to purchase insurance, will also be discussed.