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Pablo Boada

April 4, 2012 at 7pm
Prindle Auditorium

Lecture Overview

Mr. Boada, will provide an open lecture at the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics that will explore ethical issues related to leadership. Leaning on his experiences founding and directing the nonprofit Quito Eterno, his work as a liason between Timmy Global Health and local government offices, and his time spent working for the Ecuadorian National Government, Mr. Boada will discuss his impressions of leadership in the U.S. and Ecuador. He will focus on similarities and differences he has viewed in leadership styles, transparency, and the relative importance of individual and collaborative leadership styles in different cultures. His talk will also touch on issues with racism in Ecuadorian society,

Speaker Biography

Pablo Boada is the co-founder and current director of research of Quito Eterno, a nonprofit dedicated to creating experiences and spaces for reflection on art, history, and the traditions of Quito, and the use of educational theatrical experiences to contribute to community education and development. In 2010 Mr. Boada stepped down from his position as Executive Director when he accepted an offer to be an advisor to the Secretary of Culture of the City of Quito. Subsequent to this position, Mr. Boada returned to Quito Eterno to continue his grassroots educational activism work as a researcher for the development of new cultural programs, with a particular focus on the comprehension of the mestizo culture and other contemporary problems faced in cultures of mixed ethnic roots. Through Quito Eterno, Mr. Boada has close ties with Timmy Global Health and he serves as the Ecuadorian contact and cultural ambassador for the medical brigades sent to Ecuador by Timmy Global Health. He facilitates the provision of medical interventions to underserved communities with minimal cultural impact. Through these different avenues, Mr. Boada has had a rare opportunity to observe differences in advocacy, treatment and leadership styles between Ecuadorian and U.S. citizens. Mr. Boada has earned his diploma in private investment in grassroots development and is in the process of earning his Abogado in Law from Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja.