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2016 Symposium



The ninth annual Undergraduate Ethics Symposium will be held at DePauw University from April 14th-16th, 2016. The theme will be Text, Tweet, Trigger: Ethics of Communication in the 21st Century. Undergraduate paper submissions will be accepted until February 10th, 2016. Check out the FAQs for more information! 

This century has already yielded new, interesting dilemmas surrounding communication. As universities aim to be more inclusive, issues concerning trigger warnings and free speech on college campuses have become a focal point of discussion across the nation. Should professors issue trigger warnings? Should colleges ban hurtful speech? Is the call for free speech a new kind of oppressive behavior? New methods of communication such as Twitter and Facebook, allow us to communicate with anyone instantly, serve as a prime news source for many, and enable shaming on a grand and permanent scale. All of this raises unique, new questions about how, when, and what we should communicate.

Keynote speakers will include:

  • Dr. Abbey Blake Levenshus, Assistant Professor, School Advertising and Public Relations, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

  • Dr. Christopher Hager, Associate Professor of English, Trinity College, Schaenen Scholar at DePauw University

  • Dr. Kate Manne, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Cornell University

  • Tim Howard, Senior Producer at Reply All, Gimlet Media 

Click here to see the schedule!