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Prindle Advisory Committee

2014-2015 Membership

The membership on this committee was selected by the Faculty Development Committee from nominations submitted in response to an open invitation to all faculty members. These members were selected to provide wide-ranging expertise and multiple perspectives as they advise on the work of the Institute. Please contact any of these committee members if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Faculty and staff who would like to serve on the Advisory Committee or nominate a colleague should complete an online application.


Steve Timm (Communication and Theatre)


Representing Natural Sciences/Math Doug Harms '15 (Computer Science)
Representing Social Sciences Kevin Moore '15 (Psychology/Honor Scholar Director)
Representing Arts or Humanities Beth Benedix '16 (Religious Studies)
Representing Philosophy Department Jeremy Anderson '17 (Philosophy)
  Jeff Dunn '16 (Philosophy)
  Dan Shannon (Fall '14 replacement for Jeff Dunn)
At-large Members Vince Greer '14 (Multicultural Student Services)
  Jeane Pope '16 (Geosciences)
  Mandy Henk '16 (Library and Information Services)
  Ted Bitner '16 (Psychology)
Ex-officio Members Carrie Klaus (Dean of the Faculty)
  Kate Smanik (Assistant Dean of Students for Spirituality, Service and Social Justice)
  Andrew Cullison (Director, Prindle Institute)
  Linda Clute (Assistant Director, Prindle Institute)
  Jacquelyn Stephens (Graduate Fellow '14-'15, Prindle Institute)
  Camille Veri (Graduate Fellow '14-'15, Prindle Institute)

This committee serves as a sub-committee of the Faculty Development Committee.


During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Advisory Committee will meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. The committee will convene at the Prindle Institute. Other meetings of the full committee or subcommittees will be scheduled as needed.