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Paddy McShane

First Graduate Fellow at the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics

Paddy McShane , as a fifth year student, was chosen by Dr. Robert Bottoms to serve as the first graduate fellow at the Prindle.  Paddy began her work with Dr. Bottoms and Martha Rainbolt in the spring of her senior year.  When the building only existed in the architectural drawings, Paddy, along with Martha and Bob, began implementing its vision.  Paddy graduated from DePauw in 2007 with double majors in Philosophy and Economics, as well as a Spanish Minor.  She is currently a graduate student in Philosophy at Georgetown University, working on a dissertation on the topic of moral testimony. 

In her year as a Graduate Fellow at the Prindle Institute (2007-08), Paddy was instrumental in planning and organizing the first Undergraduate Ethics Symposium, along with selecting the first group of Prindle interns and setting up challenging and exciting student programs. She was one of the speakers at the dedication of the Prindle institute.  Along with Frederick Professor John Roth, Paddy was important in developing the profile of the Institute and instantiating its mission and goals in specific events and programs. Beginning in the spring of 2008, she worked closely with Linda Clute as well and expanded the scope of her work to include orienting the new Prindle interns and co-editing the first Undergraduate Ethics symposium publication.