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Hillman Student Interns

Current Interns, 2014-2015

These student leaders were selected for their strong commitment to the study of ethics, their varied perspectives, and their leadership potential. They ensure that the programming at the Institute addresses the ethical concerns of a wide variety of student groups on campus. Together these students represent the Media Fellows program, the Honor Scholar program, Science Research Fellows, and a number of other programs and disciplines. They spend their time as mentors, technology interns, and officers in organizations of their interest. They represent both Greeks and Independents; athletes and journalists; community servants and campus activists.



Corby burger '16, lead intern 
biochemistry major, philosophy minor



COnner gordon '16, LEAD INTERN
political science and english writing majors


amy brown '17
Political science MAJOR


Vanessa Freije '17
Economics and french majors


cheney hagerup '15
english literature And Spanish MAJORs, Psychology minor



Rachel hanebutt '15
political science and education studies majors, chemistry MINOR

david johnson '16
conflict studies and political science majors



eleanor price '17
flute performance and english writing majors







colleen whiting '16
political science major



noelle witwer '16
Cognitive science


caroline zadina '16
PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR, philosophy minor