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Corby Burger, '16

Biochemistry major and Philosophy minor; New Albany, Indiana.

"There are a plethora of questions that come to light when discussing the ethics of healthcare advancements, many of them without any definite answer. One issue is the increase in coding technology and accuracy of genome examination, which could one day lead to cheap and easy genetic predisposition testing. We must now ask ourselves if the benefits of utilizing these techniques be worth the impending trade offs? At first this technology seems highly advantageous in that medical professionals could start preventative measures against diseases extremely early and the patient would have an increased knowledge of how their health may affect them in the future. However, the affects of this data will spread well beyond the confines of the medical community and the weight of knowing these possibilities could affect an individual in every aspect of their life. Patients and policy makers must work with those in the medical community in order to prevent the possibility of the misuse of genetic technology. Dialogue between experts in varying fields is critical to the analysis of developing medical technologies and the ethical questions that come along with rapid advancement.

Ethics is a trap, a metaphorical void in which proponents of one stance or another attempt to rationalize why their viewpoint is correct. Taking a stance on an issue is to invite conflict, and ethics is filled with self-righteousness, persuaded by politics and cloaked in bias. What is principled to some is sin to another. However imperfect the realm of ethics may be, it is unquestionably invaluable. Without it there would be no dialogue to discuss how to provide the most people with happiness while keeping a moral conscious and maintaining human dignity for all."

Corby Burger is a junior Biochemistry major with a special interest in studying Philosophy and Ethics. At DePauw he is Rush Chairman of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, is involved in science organizations, and is an Honor Scholar.

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