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Eleanor Price, '17

Flute Performance and English Writing majors; Plainfield, Indiana

"The United States’ Constitution provides the Fourteenth Amendment to promote equality in all citizens, regardless of race or sex. This basic lawful commitment to equality is crucial to our legal system and to our cultural psyche. Making a commitment to this equality is an ethical decision.

"On one side, this commitment encourages civic engagement. Involvement in public forums, meetings, and polling proves personal interest in the system. On the other hand, this equality shouldn’t be the choice of a few involved people. Whether or not one is involved in the system, they should be granted the “privileges and immunities” promised to citizens, and the “due process and equal protection” promised to all people. This commitment stretches from the environment to equal pay and the ethics involved with both. Everyone deserves clean air, clean water, and a chance at life, and that is a matter of ethics."

Eleanor is a sophomore Music major who is also studying writing, linguistics, and French while at DePauw. She is an Honor Scholar and very active in the School of Music, participating in the Band, Orchestra, and numerous chamber ensembles. She hopes to tie her interest in ethics with her other pursuits in the future.