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Mary Ardery '15

English Writing major; Psychology minor; Bloomington, Indiana

 On Overmedication: 

"For the next Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, psychiatrists are contemplating whether the grieving stage after a loved one’s death should be added. But wouldn’t it be a disorder not to grieve after a loved one’s death? This addition would only increase prescribed antidepressants. Does playing with a person’s chemical balances actually help him or her to heal properly? I believe it is artificially accelerating a natural albeit painful process. While psychiatrists have their patients' best interests in mind, I think they too can be victims of America's need for instant gratification." 

Mary Ardery  is a sophomore English Writing major with a minor in Psychology. In her first year at DePauw, Mary wrote for Her Campus and A Midwestern Review, spent time at Asbury Towers retirement community, and joined Pi Beta Phi. Mary also enjoys singing, playing the piano, and doing philanthropic work for First Book's literacy outreach and Riley Hospital for Children's Dance Marathon.