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What Should You Expect?

Here are some thoughts from scholars and artists who attended the 2013 Undergraduate Ethics Symposium.

Jeff Carroll, Ohio State University
The 2013 Undergraduate Ethics Symposium was a revolatory experience. Having done "the undergraduate conference" thing many times before, I can honestly say that none have matched the experience provided by the Prindle Institute. The approachability of the presenters and faculty made for great social as well as critical conversations. Moreover, the variety the symposium offers is unparalleled. I cannot recommend the conference enough!

Kate Johnson, Marywood University
Overall, I thought the symposium was a worthwhile experience--especially hearing the academic talks given by various professors. It opened me up to various new opinions and perspectives. 

Chelsea Ducille, Duke University
It was refreshing to have such great intellectual conversations with people my age.

Philipa Friedman, St. Mary's College of Maryland
I had a wonderful time engaging with and getting to know the speakers and the other students at the symposium. I hope very much to apply again and in the meantime to use what I have learned here to my own studies.

Morgan Davenport, DePauw University
I've never had an experience equivalent to this one in terms of the quality and quantity of conversations. As a senior, sometimes I feel like my major classes have all the same conversations with the same people. This was challenging, refreshing, and enjoyable.

Earl W. Shank, University of New Mexico
The quality of scholars and their work exceeded any expectation in keeping the discourse lively and groups constantly engaged.

Raven Scott, Millsaps College
I had a great experience at this extremely well organized symposium and have enjoyed learning from my highly talented and intellectually driven peers.

Sara Snyder, The George Washington University
There's no place like the Prindle Institute. The ideas talked about here have the potential to change the world. What a privilege to sit and work through some of the most complicated issues of our time. 

Vesak Chi, University of Washington
I hardly know where to begin in describing the spectacular experience I had at the Undergraduate Ethics Symposium. Suffice it to say, my testament to this great opportunity resides in the overwhelming sense of loss I felt at its culmination, and my desire to reconnect with the friends I've made here, and together strive toward solving the great ethical problems of our generation. 

Marianne Hamilton, St. Mary's College of Maryland
My time at DePauw has been life changing. I was constantly surrounded by stimulating, friendly, knowledgeable individuals. I wish it could have lasted longer.