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ARTH 142

Visual Encounters: Critical Approaches to Representation

What is art? Why is it important? How and what do works of art mean? How does art help us both shape and make sense of our world? These are the overarching questions that the course will address as we thread our way through the examination of various genres of art--from traditional (landscape, portraiture) to contemporary (video, performance art); as we explore art in its economic, social and political dimensions (looking, for example, at public art and identity politics or at controversial art and the First Amendment); and as we examine the role art can play in our public and private consciousness. We will be mindful throughout of how the production of meaning in art involves a complex collaboration of artist, viewers and artwork. In this discussion-based course, we will be active viewers and analytical thinkers--reading, writing and looking, in a critical way, at images in slides, at actual works of art, and at films and videos. Not open to students with credit in ARTH 132.

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Arts and Humanities 1 course