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ARTH 232

Warrior Art of Japan: Shoguns & Daimyo

This course explores the arts produced for and by the warrior elite of Japan from 1185 until 1868. From the tragic tale of Minamoto Yoshitsune to the dog-loving Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, the class will concentrate on the arts produced for the men who led the nation through both treacherous and prosperous times. We will study arms & armor, castles & retreat pavilions, the tea ceremony, paintings, Noh theatre and film. Through a careful consideration of translated documents, slide reproductions of art objects, movies, and selected treasures from the DePauw University Art Collection, students will learn about what motivated these powerful men to produce art, how they embraced the arts to better themselves culturally, and what these monuments and artworks conveyed about the culture of Japan's medieval and early modern eras.

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Arts and Humanities 1 course

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Pauline Ota

232A: Warrior Art of Japan: Shoguns & Daimyo