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ARTS 264

Fabricated Photography: Extending the Image

An introduction to experimental cameras and photographic techniques, this course will explore alternative methods for creating photography. Assignments will address areas such as large scale murals, multiple images, photo sculptures/assemblages, photo books, photo installation and projection. Technical processes will explore pinhole and Diana cameras, darkroom experimentation such as sandwiched negatives, hand-applied black and white emulsions, Xerox and heat transfer and non-silver alternative processes such as Cyanotype and Vandyke. Students will simultaneously learn the history of photography as they push the boundaries of the medium. We will also look at the work of other mixed media/photographic artists, including the Starn Twins, Bea Nettles and Carrie Mae Weems and discuss how their process supports their concepts. Emphasis will be placed on independent problem solving, critical thinking, visual literacy and student initiated research. Course may be taken or repeated at the 300 level with advanced expectations and consent of instructor. Not offered pass/fail.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities 1 course