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ARTH 390

Advanced Topics in the History of Art

An independent directed study centered on a specific topic arranged with the instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1/2-1 course

Spring Semester information

Miriam Kienle

390A: AdvTps:History of Collage

Fall Semester information

Michael MacKenzie

390A: AdvTps:The First World War in Art and Literature: Memory, Word, and Image

The modern era was violently ushered in exactly one hundred years ago by the First World War, a truly global conflict which transformed the world and gave rise to the tragic violence of the 20th century. How did the artists and writers who fought in the trenches and the no-man's-land of the Western Front represent what the war was like for them, in art, literature, and even films? This course combines the study of history and the war with literary studies, film studies, and art history. We will be interested in the intersections of history and individual memory, literary and artistic modernism, and the limits of art's ability to represent the unimaginable violence of modern warfare.