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ARTH 390

Advanced Topics in the History of Art

An independent directed study centered on a specific topic arranged with the instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Michael MacKenzie

390A: AdvTps:Cubism

Spring Semester information

Hyeri Oh

390A: Tps:East Asian Modernisms

Modernism has often been viewed as an exclusively Western phenomenon in its origin. But how does our understanding of modernism shift when we consider the modernist art of East Asia? In fact, modernism is not a homogeneous or clearly definable thing or ideological conception. Rather, it takes on diverse and ambiguous formulations in different spaces and times. This course provides an opportunity to consider the multiplicities of modernism/modernity in East Asian countries - China, Korea, and Japan.

Craig Hadley

390B: Tps:Gallery Research Methods I