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Harris, Anne F., Ph.D.




Art and Art History, Peeler Art Center, Rm 214
Greencastle, IN

Art and Art History

Johnson Family University Professor and Professor of Art and Art History (on leave)

Ph.D. Medieval Art History, University of Chicago, 1999.

Teaching Interests: Medieval Art (from Early Christian to Late Gothic), Medieval Secular Art, Gender and Sexuality in Medieval Art, Race in Medieval Art, Post-Colonial Middle Ages, Eco-Criticism and Medieval Art, Medievalism, the Middle Ages in Film, Art Historiography, Women's Studies

Courses regularly taught:
ARTH131 - Introduction to Art History Ancient to Medieval
ARTH218 - Art and Life in Gothic Art
ARTH235 - Women and Medieval Art
ARTH290 - Ecology of Medieval Art
ARTH340 - Love and War in Medieval Art and Literature
ARTH350 - Monsters and Marvels: Imagining the Other in Medieval Art
ARTH390 - Painting and Presence, 1350-1550
ARTH-FYS - Jerusalem: Crusade and Conflict
ARTH-FYS - Art, Sex, and Society
WS140 - Introduction to Women's Studies

Courses in progress:
Feminist Theory
Islamic Art 

Research Interests: Medieval stained glass, its intersection with popular culture and liturgical drama; medieval art and spoken word literature; issues of narrative; medieval art and feminist, post-colonial, and eco-critical theory; materiality and materialism in medieval art. 

Current research: My research and teaching of medieval art have been invigorated by  feminism, post-colonial theory, and eco-criticism and their questions of voice, agency, perception, representation, identity, hybridity, multiplicity, power, and force.  

Contributor to:
Material Collective blog:
Medieval Ecocriticisms blog: 

“Medieval Belief and Modern Secularity: Teaching the Middle Ages to Contemporary College Students” article submitted, forthcoming in the journal Literature Compass

“Mobility and Morality: Moving through the Virtual Landscapes of Jean Thenaud’s Triumphe des Vertuz” article submitted, forthcoming in the journal postmedieval 4:2 (Summer 2013)

“Sacred Object/Folk Object: the Roodscreen of the Chapel St. Fiacre in Le Faoüet (Brittany)” abstract accepted, forthcoming in Winter 2014 issue (vol. 44, no. 1) of the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

“From Stone to Statue: the Geology and Art of English Alabaster Panels,” forthcoming in Art and Devotion in Medieval England. Medieval Institute Publications, ed. Stephen Perkinson and Jessica Brantley.

“Glazing and Glossing: Stained Glass as Literary Interpretation,” forthcoming in Corning Glass Studies, ed. Mary Shepard and Elizabeth Pastan.

“Hewn” forthcoming in Ecologies of the Inhuman, Punctum Books, ed. Jeffrey Cohen and Lowell Duckert.
“Pyromena: Fire’s Doing,” forthcoming in Elemental Ecocriticism, University of Minnesota Press, ed. Jeffrey Cohen and Lowell Duckert.

"Narrative" - essay contributed to a special issue of Studies in Iconography on new critical terms in medieval art history to appear in 2011.

"Pygmalion Reconfigures Narcissus: questions of rewriting and rereading in images of the Roman de la Rose (MS. Douce 195)" Proceedings of the XIIth Congress of the International Courtly Literature Society held in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland, August 2007. Geneva, Droz: 337-351.

 "Stained Glass Window as Thing: Heidegger, the Shoemaker Panels, and the Commercial and Spiritual Economies of Chartres Cathedral in the 13th century" in the on-line journal, Different Visions (, 2008.

"The Performative Terms of Jewish Iconoclasm and Conversion in Two Saint Nicholas Windows at Chartres Cathedral," in anthology, Beyond the Yellow Badge: New Approaches to Anti-Judaism and Anti-Semitism in Medieval and Early Modern Visual Culture edited by Mitchell B. Merback. Leiden: Brill Press, 2007: 119-141.

 "Saint Nicholas in Context: Stained Glass and Liturgical Drama in the Archbishopric of Sens," in Glasmalerei im Kontext; Bildprogramme und Raumfunktionen. Nürnberg: Corpus Vitrearum Deutschland, 2005: 89-99.

"Pilgrimage, Performance and Stained Glass at Canterbury Cathedral," in Art and Architecture of Late Medieval Pilgrimage. ed. Sarah Blick and Rita Tekippe. Leiden: E.J. Brill Press, 2004: 243-281.









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