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This interdisciplinary course explores the nature, meanings, functions and
experiences of time and its intersection with space and memory across a variety of disciplines and media—science, philosophy, literature, film and the visual arts.  We examine such questions as, how is time related to memory in the context of families, communities and nations? How do we commemorate the past and what are the ethics of this value-laden process of reconstructing history? What do we choose to remember and what do we choose to forget as multiple stories about the past contend for recognition?  What is the role of time and memory in collective and private identity formation and how does photography contribute to this process?  We also consider time travel, the multiverse, reverse time, and simultaneity.  We discuss the ways that time is differently lived, perceived and represented as we also examine how time is an active agent that can powerfully affect the structure of our lives; our sense of ourselves; our process of meaning making; and our reading and viewing practices.

Faculty contact: Catherine Fruhan, Department of Art and Art History, Peeler Art Center Room 212