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Winter Term Courses

Winter Term 2012


Paris & Berlin: Self, Modernity and the City
Led By:  Professor of Art History Michael Mackenzie and Professor of History David Gellman

Combine on-campus study with travel to Paris and Berlin. On campus we will read several modernist texts, view films set in these cities, and look at many artworks. Our guiding concern will be the individual's private, intimate perception of larger historical forces that shaped 19th and 20th century social experience in these two capitals of European culture. We will practice techniques of reading and interpreting texts and looking at, describing and interpreting artworks in historical context. On the ground in Paris and Berlin we will both hone our skills in dealing with artworks, this time live, in museums, and also practice "reading" the text that is the city, its social and physical geography and its historical traces. On site in Paris and Berlin, we will, visit museums and also historical sites. Students will also explore certain places in the cities on their own.