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Current Courses

 FALL 2014

ANTH 290A Anthropology of Gender and South Asia Professor Bhan
ARTH 135A East Asian Art Survey II Professor Ota
ARTH 231A Urban Art of Early Modern Japan Professor Ota
ARTH 334A Women and East Asian Art Professor Ota
ASIA 140A Introduction to Chinese Culture Staff
ASIA 282A Modern Japanese Novelists Professor Alvis
ASIA 470A Directed Readings East Asian Staff
ASIA 480A East Asian Studies Senior Seminar Staff
CHIN 161A&B Elementary Chinese I Professor Shih-Ping
CHIN 261A Intermediate Chinese I Professor L. Chiang
CHIN 361A Advanced Chinese I Professor L. Chiang
HIST 107A Introduction to China & Japan Professor Y. Chiang
HIST 252A U.S.-East Asian Relations Professor Y. Chiang
HIST 353A Industrial East Asia Professor Y. Chiang
JAPN 151A&B Elementary Japanese I Professor Chiba
JAPN 251A Intermediate Japanese I Professor Chiba
JAPN 351A Advanced Japanese I Professor Alvis
POLS 253A China & Indiana/21st Century Professor Sahu
REL 130EA Introduction to Religions Professor Kim
REL 253A Religions of India Professor Fuller
REL 258A Buddhism Professor Kim