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Current Courses

 SPRING 2014

ARTH 133A Asian Art Survey Professor Ota
ARTH 134A Art of India Professor MacKenzie
ARTH 234A East West Encounters Professor Ota
ARTH 333A Supernatural Japanese Art Professor Ota
ASIA 140A Introduction to Chinese Culture Professor Mou
ASIA 290A Tps: Japanese Horros Films Professor Alvis
ASIA 470A Directed Readings East Asian Staff
ASIA 480A East Asian Studies Seminar Staff
CHIN 162A&B Elementary Chinese II Professor Dabney
CHIN 262A Intermediate Chinese II Professor Chiang
CHIN 269A Topics Professor Mou
CHIN 362A Advanced Chinese II Professor Chiang
HIST 108A Modern China & Japan Professor Chiang
JAPN 152A&B Elementary Japanese II Professor Chiba
JAPN 252A Intermediate Japanese II Professor Sakai
JAPN 352A Advanced Japanese II Professor Sakai
JAPN 451A Adv. Readings & Projects Professor Chiba
POLS 253A China & Indiana/21st Century Professor Sahu
REL 130EA Introduction to Religions Professor Goble
REL 253A Religions of India Professor Fuller
REL 290A Tps: Taoism Professor Goble
REL 357A Modern Hinduism Professor Fuller
REL 370B Adv Topics: Tibetan Buddhism Professor Goble