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Kinney, Kevin S., Ph.D.




Personal Website
Biology, Olin Building, Rm 210
Greencastle, IN


Professor of Biology

Degree: Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry

Area of Specialty: Physiology, Immunology

Courses taught: BIO 135: Organismal Biology
BIO 335: Animal Physiology
BIO 361: Immunology

Research Interests: Comparative immunology, psychoneuroimmunology

Research projects: Cytokine roles in lizard thermoregulatory response
Effects of sympathetic denervation on measures of immunity in Xenopus laevis (South African Clawed Frog)
Effects of sympathetic denervation on secondary antibody response in mice
Microglial interactions with inflammatory process and neurotoxicity in brain

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