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Dan Gurnon: Visualizing proteins

Our projects involve visualizing the submicroscopic world and include biochemical "wet-lab" research as well as collaborations with computer scientists and artists. In one project, we are attempting to purify and characterize a protein from the HTLV-I virus, in pursuit of a better understanding of the protein's role in Adult T-Cell leukemia. Other projects involve the development of new ways to envision and share ideas about the molecular world, especially protein disorder and dynamics. 

The videos below will give you a better sense of the more unconventional projects we've done. Two videos below describe a recent collaboration between our lab, artist Julian Voss-Andreae, DePauw art professor Jacob Stanley, and Klaus Schulten's lab at the Beckman Institute, which resulted in a large-scale steel protein sculpture now permanently installed in the Julian Science Building.  An article about this project was published in PLOS Biology in 2013. 

Also linked below is a visualization of the HIV virus created in collaboration with animator Arik Theusen (ScientiaViz).  This video won second place in the the CGSociety autoPack challenge.