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Dan Gurnon: Visualizing proteins

Our projects involve visualizing the submicroscopic world and include biochemical "wet-lab" research as well as collaborations with computer scientists and artists. In one project, we are attempting to purify and characterize a protein from the HTLV-I virus, in pursuit of a better understanding of the protein's role in Adult T-Cell leukemia. Other projects involve the development of new ways to envision and share ideas about the molecular world, especially protein disorder and dynamics. 

The videos below will give you a better sense of the more unconventional projects we've done. Two videos below describe a recent collaboration between our lab, artist Julian Voss-Andreae, DePauw art professor Jacob Stanley, and Klaus Schulten's lab at the Beckman Institute, which resulted in a large-scale steel protein sculpture now permanently installed in the Julian Science Building.  Also linked below is an animated visualization of HIV created for the CGSociety autoPack challenge, in collaboration with animator Arik Theusen (ScientiaViz).