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Computer Science Department

Allied Courses

Many disciplines can complement traditional computer science coursework. Toward this end, and with approval of their academic advisor, computer science majors may replace one of their 300-level computer science courses with an allied course from another department or with a course from within the department that does not usually count toward the major. First Year Seminar courses cannot be used as allied courses. Acceptable allied courses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ARTS 160, Introduction to Digital Art
  • ARTS 298, Intermediate Digital Art
  • BIO 275, Biostatistics
  • BIO 325, Bioinformatics
  • CSC 296, Ethics, Open Source and the Digital Divide
  • ECON 350, Statistics for Economics and Management
  • GEOS 205, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • HIST 285, History of Science I
  • MATH 141, Stats for Professionals
  • MATH 247, Mathematical Statistics
  • MATH 270, Linear Algebra
  • MATH 323, Computational Graph Theory
  • MATH 367, Numerical Analysis
  • MATH 382, Number Theory
  • MATH 422, Operations Research
  • PHIL 251, Logic
  • PHIL 360, Philosophy of Science
  • PHIL 351, Advanced Logic
  • PSY 214, Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
  • PHYS 240, Electronics
  • PSY xxx, Computational Neuroscience (Course Number Varies)
  • WGSS 370A: Women and the Internet