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Business Administration Minor

This interdisciplinary minor is designed for students interested in obtaining exposure to the concepts of business administration from a liberal arts perspective. Six courses are needed to complete this minor.

Requirements for the Minor

  • Required Core: ECON 100, ECON 220, ECON 280
  • Selected Core (choose one of the following): ECON 393*, PSY 364*, MATH 422*
  • Quantitative Analysis Requirement (choose one of the following): BIO 275*, COMM 350, ECON 350, MATH 240, MATH 441*, MATH 442*, POLS 318, PSY 214*, SOC 401
  • Elective Course(s) (Choose a minimum of one additional course from the following): CFT 100, COMM 326, COMM 335*, CSC 121, ECON 360*, ECON 393*, ECON 398, ECON 420*, ECON 430*, ECON 470*, MATH 331*, MATH 422*, PHIL 233, PSY 254*, PSY 364*
  • At least four of these courses must be outside the student’s major or second minor.
  • Students with a minor in Business Administration are required to attend at least six Management Center lectures during their senior year. (The McDermond Center for Management & Entrepreneurship must be notified of a student’s intention to complete this minor during the spring of their junior year.)
  • Completion of an internship approved by the Director of the McDermond Center is required.

Courses that have a prerequisite outside the core are designated with *.

Recent changes in the minor: The number of courses required for this minor, the number of courses in the required core, and the number of courses outside the major were all reduced by a vote of the faculty on September 14, 2009. All students who have currently declared this minor may follow the new requirements.