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Management Fellows Program

The Management Fellows Program was established in 1980 to connect students interested in business and management with the best of a liberal arts education and real-world experience.

The Management Fellows Program blends a traditional liberal arts curriculum with real-world experiences. Students may major in any discipline, but are required to take courses in economics, accounting, statistics and ethics. In addition to the required course work, Management Fellows learn from speakers who participate in the McDermond Center Lecture Series and complete a full-time, semester-long, credit bearing internship.

All Management Fellows must complete course requirements in the major of their choice, all other University distribution and competency requirements, and the Management Fellows core curriculum as listed below (click the links to each course for further description):

ECON 100 Introduction to Economics
ECON 220 Financial Accounting 
ECON 350 Statistics for Econ & Mgmt
HONR 400 Management Fellows Senior Seminar
HONR 310 Management Readings/Business Writing
HONR 320 Supervised Internship (two credits)
PHIL 233 Ethics & Business (Acceptable substitute: PHIL 230 Ethical Theory, PHIL 309 Tps: Ethics & Econ)
GROUP B:                    ONE COURSE FROM THE FOLLOWING                                                                                                                                                  
Econ 280 Managerial Accounting
Econ 393 Managerial Finance
ANTH 151 Human Cultures
ANTH 251  Latin American & Caribbean Cultures 
ARTH 132  Introduction to Art History Renaissance to Modern
ARTH 134  Art of India
COMM 227 Intercultural Communication
CFT 100  Introduction to Conflict Studies
ECON 320 Development Economics
HIST 108 Modern China and Japan
HIST 110 Modern Africa
HIST 112 European Civilization II 1789-present
HIST 116 Modern Latin America
HIST 122 Modern Middle East
POLS 170 International Politics
POLS 253 China and India in the 21st Century
POLS 254 Government and Politics of Western Europe

Only under extraordinary circumstances will courses be approved to take the place of required courses.  With the exception of HONR 320, students must take all courses required for the Management Fellows Program for letter grades (i.e., no pass-fail).  All required courses must be taken at DePauw University.

Two academic credits will be offered for successful completion of an internship (HONR 320).  A grade of “S” (satisfactory) or “U” (unsatisfactory) will be given for the internship.  Any student receiving a grade of “U” will not receive academic credit for the internship. 

All Management Fellows must complete ECON 100 and ECON 220 by the end of their third semester at DePauw.  By the end of their fourth semester students must complete group B, group C, and Econ 350.  During the junior year students must take HONR 310 & HONR 320 which  means all course requirements must be met by the end of the junior year, excluding the Business Ethics course, and HONR 400.

For complete information on academic requirements, please see the Management Fellows Handbook.