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ECON 390

Advanced Topics in Economics and Management

A. Economics; B. Management. Detailed study of theoretical and policy aspects of such topics as inflation, resource and product pricing, management, market structure, government-business relations, financial markets and international trade. Prerequisite: varies according to the topic offered. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Varies according to the topic offered. 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Ophelia Goma

390AA: Tps:Asian Economics

Tps:Asian Economics

This course is designed to give students an overview of key economic developments in the Asia-Pacific region. Home to more than 60% of the world's population, Asia-Pacific combined is one of the largest economic groupings in the world and represents one of the fastest growing regions. While many Asian economies are considered "rising stars" in the modern economy, some countries of Asia still face many typical problems of the developing world (e.g., over-population, gender inequity, malnutrition, and poverty). It is the complexity of this region, its puzzling development path, and its divergent cultural and political attitudes from Western approaches that make Asia an important region to study and an area of increasing significance for inquiry.

This course offers students an opportunity to apply economic theories and models to understanding the divergent development paths and economic obstacles of countries in this region. We will study the successful rise of the East Asian economies and the challenges that have emerged from the Asian financial crisis. We will investigate the development obstacles of transition economies in the region, the prospects for regionalization, and the economic and security challenges of both East and Southeast Asian economics. This course is not intended to provide an in-depth study of any particular country, but rather to provide an overview of key economic issues in the region.

Gary Lemon

390AB: Tps: Advanced Financial Analysis

Michael Risdon

390BA: Tps:Marketing in a Modern Global Economy

Tps:Marketing in a Modern Global Economy

Marketing management today, if successfully implemented, is not the sole responsibility of some specific department within an organization. Rather, the "function" of marketing must be ingrained throughout the entire organization, although driven by the professional marketing team. This course will outline what marketing looks like today, with some minor comparison to "historic" marketing approaches. The course will also review the impact of social media on the marketing toolkit and how target customers can now be found world-wide, regardless of how large or small the organization may be. We'll also distinguish the role of marketing from that of sales, realizing the two activities must be closely aligned.

The content of the course will include the use of a very current textbook, case analysis, an online competitive business game with focus on strategic marketing techniques, and some other project content, with the expectation that some will include interaction with outside resources. Grading will consist of exams, papers, case/project analysis and the online business game.

Thomas Musser

390BB: Tps: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Tps: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

The course's two major components will include exposure to the business environment and the major functions/activities that take place within an organization (i.e., accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing, and production/operations management) with a focus on small business; and, while working with others, will investigate the creation of a new start-up company including the development of supporting documents. The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to various functions and activities taking place within an organization with a focus on starting and running your own business.

Thomas Musser

390BC: Tps:Adv. Entrepreneurship

Spring Semester information

Zhixin Wu

390AA: Tps:Intro Financial Engineering

Gary Lemon

390AB: Tps:Current Day Application of Economics

Fall Semester information

Ophelia Goma

390AA: Asian Economies