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Off-Campus Study Approval

Department Approval Process

Forms requiring the department chair’s signature:   

Off-Campus Course Approval Forms, Summer School Approval Forms, etc., can be processed expeditiously if you submit your form at least a day in advance to the department secretary in the Economics Department Office. The secretary will verify that the forms are complete, obtain the chair’s signature if required, update the department’s records and make any necessary photocopies. You will usually be able to pick up the form at the Department Office by the next day.  (For a more detailed explanation of the process see below.)

Off-Campus Course Credit Process:

The step-by-step process describing how to gain approval for bringing credit for off-campus courses or summer school courses back to DePauw.

1.  Meet with your advisor and select the Economics courses which fit your educational needs and preparation.

2.  Complete the appropriate form -- Off-Campus Approval Form or Summer School Approval Form.  Be sure and get your advisor's signature on this form.

3.  Bring this form and a copy of the course descriptions to the Economics Department Office, located in Harrison Hall, Room 210. 

4.  The Department Chairperson will review the materials, usually within 24 hours.

5.  Return the next day to pick up the signed forms.  The Chair will email students if there are problems or questions.