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ENG 312A: Creative Writing II: Poetry Writing Topics:  Black Poets   (Professor Gloria)

“Black Poets” is an upper-level creative writing course examining the art and craft of poetry writing. This course will explore what Federico Garcia Lorca called “black sound” from his landmark essay “The Play and Theory of Duende.” Themes we might examine include narrative, collaborative, historical, political, lyric, and avant-garde poetry by black poets. Lorca’s duende attempts to articulate the ineffable quality of artistic imagination. It is the conflict between the rational and the irrational, the demon and the angel, celestial and terrestrial presences in the poetic process. A course titled “Black Poets” also poses this question: “Are black poets expected to write about race?” The theme of racial identity is obviously important in our study, but it is only the tip of the iceberg in our exploration of poetry by African American poets.