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ENG 001

Co-Curricular Activities

A. The DePauw--Writers; B. The DePauw--Editors; C. Midwestern Review; D. Mirage , E. Eye on the World and F. the cauldron. Practical experience in writing for The DePauw (A&B), Midwestern Review (C), Mirage (D) , Eye on the World (E), and the cauldron (F). The DePauw writers (A) receive one-quarter activity credit per semester, and editors (B) receive one-half activity credit per semester. Midwestern Review, Mirage , Eye on the World and the cauldron staff members (C, D, E and F) receive one-quarter activity credit (Group 6) per semester. No academic credit is awarded toward the 31 courses required for graduation. Prerequisite: signature of The DePauw advisor required.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Signature of The DePauw advisor required 0 credit

Fall Semester information

Lili Wright

001AA: Journalism (Writers)

Lili Wright

001BA: Journalism (Editors)

David Crouse

001CA: Journalism(Midwstrn Rev)

Deborah Geis

001EA: Journalism(Eye on World)

Ghassan Nasr

001FA: Journalism (Cauldron)